Increasing Your Organization's Security Through Managed IT Services

Managed IT services are often promoted as reducing costs and improving productivity. While both of these things are true, managed IT services also fulfill another goal -- they improve upon your security. Managed IT services take care of your IT infrastructure for you so that you don't have to. In a time when security is continually increasing in complexity, having a partner can be incredibly valuable.

Gain Constant Monitoring and Maintenance

Through a managed IT service, you get 24/7 maintenance and monitoring of your system. Your managed IT team will be able to identify potential threats as they occur and react swiftly. Even when incidents do happen, they can usually be mitigated by a fast response -- and the longer your system remains vulnerable to these threats, the more costly they will usually be. Not only will your experienced service be available 24 hours a day, but they'll also have the expertise to quickly identify even sophisticated attacks.

Leverage Advanced Technology

Modern managed IT infrastructures come with advanced resources such as cloud deployment. This enables you to leverage advanced technology, such as next generation threat detection systems and end-to-end encryption. This technology could be prohibitively difficult to install on your current infrastructure; systems like next generation firewalls require extensive resources to run and can bog down a local system. Cloud-based solutions have the extensive resources necessary to maintain security without slowing operations. You can also acquire this technology through low monthly cloud subscription fees, rather than having to license the technology individually for your own use. 

Improve Your Authentication System

With a managed IT service, only the team members that need administrative rights or other advanced permissions will have them. Your managed IT service will be able to handle all of your security concerns and advanced features for you, so that your regular employees don't need access to the areas of your system that could potentially cause damage or security vulnerabilities. Nearly all security issues occur due to the malicious or negligent actions of staff members. By limiting access to critical and essential resources to your experienced managed IT service, you can avoid many of these potential problems.

Not only is a high level of system security important to avoid business disruption, but security issues can be incredibly costly in terms of fees, penalties, and financial damages. That's to say nothing of the loss of brand reputation that usually accompanies a system breach. A managed IT service puts your security in the hands of a trusted partner, so that your organization can focus on its operations and its growth.