Three Reasons Your Laptop Is Shutting Down Without Warning

Technology is great when it's working properly. However, when it's running slow, or in the case of a laptop, turning off randomly, this is very bothersome. The thing about technical machines like laptops is that nothing is ever really random. Most actions are a response to some issue that is taking place internally. If your laptop keeps shutting down, take a few moments to learn just why this is happening.  

Dirty Fan

The main function of a laptop fan is to keep your laptop cool. When there is dust, dirt or other debris clogging the fans, it's not effective at accomplishing its goal. When the fan isn't working correctly, this causes the internal temperature inside the laptop to elevate. Since a high internal temperature can cause permanent damage, the laptop will automatically shut down in an effort to protect itself.

Taking your laptop in for a professional fan cleaning may resolve your issue. Although there are tutorials available on how to self-clean, the inside of a laptop is very sensitive and exposure to certain elements can completely crash the system.


One of the main culprits behind a laptop that powers off without warning is a computer virus. A number of users think that if they stay away from shady looking websites and avoid downloading content from unknown sources, they are invincible. However, the reality is that there are almost a million malware threats unleashed every day. With numbers that high, it's fairly easy to infect your computer with a virus.

Built into these viruses are trigger points, such as a certain keystroke, that causes the laptop to power off when this action occurs. The best defense against a virus is an anti-virus program. A professional technician can help you remove a virus and install the necessary protection software. 

Failing Hardware

A laptop is only as good as the hardware that it is operating with. If a component of the hardware is malfunctioning, your laptop might shut down seemingly out of nowhere. The thing about failing hardware is that it typically gets worse over time. It doesn't work fine on Monday and then just stop working on Tuesday.

Signs of failure happen over time can include indicators like sluggish response times and video distortion. If you have been experiencing any of these problems and now your laptop is shutting down, a hardware problem is likely to blame.

Don't dismiss your laptop shutting down as a random action. There is an underlying issue that you need to get to the bottom of in order to protect your laptop. For more information, consider contacting companies like Computer Exchange.