Does Your Parent Need Virus Removal? Help Them Avoid Viruses Getting One Removed

Using a computer and the Internet may feel second nature to younger generations, but not everyone has such an easy time getting used to the secure ways of the web. Your parents might use a computer on a daily basis but may not always know when to avoid certain webpages or downloads. When they start having an issue, they may give you a call and request your assistance. If the problem turns out to be a virus, you should get it professionally removed by a company like Microworx and help your parents avoid a repeat incident in the future.

Email Provider

One way that your parent might find themselves with a virus on their hands is through their email. It is important to make sure they use the safest email provider available. Gmail provides the greatest number of security features, including a spam filter, phishing filter, virus scanner, and image blocker. All of these things can help your parent avoid getting a virus, especially the scanner that checks attached files.


The browser that your parent uses can also have an impact on virus protection. Three browsers in Chrome, Opera, and Edge all perform quite well in the security department, making them all worthy. However, Chrome easily beats Opera and Edge in terms of the extensions that are available, and a wide variety of extensions are dedicated to keeping you from getting viruses while you are online. Most extensions will update on their own unless they require additional permissions, so you should not have to worry about much manual updating from your parent after you install the extensions for them the first time.

Operating System

Although some people may not have transitioned to the new Windows 10, it is helpful for virus protection. This new operating system automatically downloads updates, which means you can feel confident that your parent will always have the latest edition of antivirus protection. This makes it easy for those who are not tech-savvy at all to stay up-to-date with security against the newest viruses on their own.

Viruses vary from minor nuisances to extremely detrimental creations. Regardless, you do not want to have any viruses on your parent's computer, so it is best to get them removed right away. This is also an ideal opportunity to help your parent adjust to a few new things, such as a safe browser, email provider, and operating system. Doing these things will drastically reduce their chances of getting a new virus.