Three Reasons Why You Should Definitely Play Chess Against Your Computer

There are people in this world who absolutely love chess. It is their first and most favorite game. They would gladly spend hours in pursuit of others to play chess with and play chess against. They look for opportunities to prove their knowledge and prowess in the game. They join chess clubs and chess competitions with great zeal. If this sounds like you, then maybe you should invest in chess software, such as Chess King, for your computers, too. If you need any extra motivation to install chess software on your computers, here are some reasons for playing chess against the software program.


Rampability is a term used in video game design to describe graduated and gradual levels of difficulty. The game recognizes how good a player is and how good the player is doing and subsequently makes the game a little harder and a little more challenging. If you feel that your chess partners have been a little too easy for you, playing against the software on your computer will definitely help you find a more challenging and suitable opponent. It may even beat you at the game, forcing you to learn more and do better. 

Chess Software Has Every Possible Move and Countermove Built In

You may think that you have seen it all in the world of chess, but you have not. Chess software has taken into account every possible move and countermove. There are even some moves that most chess players have never heard of or seen in all of the time that they have played human opponents. Some chess software will allow you to zero in on these unique moves and just practice these moves without actually playing a game. Doing that can really improve your chess master skills

Play with Different Rule Sets

Most people who play chess understand the basic rule set, but you may not have known that there are a couple other rule sets by which you can play. Chess software includes these rule sets, in case you want to play international rules, international championship rules, Russian chess, etc. Grand Wizard Chess Champions would argue that you cannot be a true chess master if you have not mastered all of the different rule sets of the game. You may be playing a lot more chess for many more years just to get to be the best, or you can play against a computer program and get there faster.