Why Let Managed IT Solutions Handle Help Desk Support

When you have to rely on in-house IT support to keep your business up and running, it can be expensive and impractical for a small business. While you may think that 24/7 help desk support is something you'll never need, small issues can quickly snowball into major problems when there is a slow response. It can be devastating to your business operations if the help desk isn't around to fix them in time. Why should you consider outsourcing the help desk to a managed IT solutions provider? 

1. Access to the Latest Skills and Communication Technology

With managed services, you can enjoy the advantages of the latest technologies in customer service without heavy investment. For example, you can get superb ticket management. You can also see better insights from the reports and dashboards.

You also get skilled IT support staff knowledgeable in the latest industry trends and tools. You get these superior resources at a significantly lower cost than you would have had with an in-house IT help desk. 

2. Increased Support Availability for Your Customers 24/7

With a managed IT services provider, you can rest assured that your support staff is always available for your customers. Rather than having a skeleton crew working overnight and worrying about whether someone will answer if there's an issue with your system, you know that managed service providers ensure round-the-clock coverage for their clients. This helps avoid large support gaps and allows customers to reach out when they need help.

3. Improved Response Time From Flexible Scalability

Having your in-house help desk means you have full control over your team, but it also means that when one employee is out for an hour at lunch and another goes home early because their child has a school play, nobody's around to answer urgent calls from clients. 

Managed IT providers offer scalable support via remote connectivity or live chat — ensuring that there's always someone available during business hours no matter what.

4. Low Setup Costs and Fixed Monthly Costs

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing help desk support is cost-efficiency. There are very low setup costs, and often there are no long-term contract commitments. Additionally, you have fixed monthly charges for your help desk support services. 

This means that you know what you're paying every month, and if you need more or less help desk support, you can easily adjust your outsourced managed IT services package to fit your business needs.

It makes sense to outsource your 24/7 help desk support if you have a mission-critical application or business system that relies on constant uptime. Contact a managed IT solutions provider to discuss how outsourcing will work for your business.